Business Consulting- any aspect of the brand to increase over all exposure and also to run the business in a proper and profitable balance...  To share a knowledge of business aspects, to keep in perspective of value. Knowledge of ims, crm, sem, dba and uses.

Social Media – will incorporate 2 to 3 of the major accounts including FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM OR TWITTER.

Social media account management, posting and ad campaigns and any platform info fixtures that need to be revised to increase the brand and audience.

Account acquisition’s if no account is already in force.

A email account for the business to include any G accounts or apps..


Google apps  -- for enhancing business and digital footprint.


Website development and builds- to create a digital footprint in the world for you and your business, all sites vary depending on business and customers capability.


Domain name --capture and landing pages or multiple names to have higher seo and forwarding pages.


SEO  - optimization for higher ranking and search imprint.


Sponsorships – acquire for events or sports advertising.


Prices vary depending on budget and business needs and time needed to achieve audience and increase brand and business customers..

Digital Business Development and marketing